Daily UI -Day 8

紀錄每日的「DailyUI挑戰」,將挑戰 UI設計 + Code畫面切版 。

▍Day 8 題目

404 Page

Design Hint

Design a 404 page. Does it suit the brand’s style? Is it user-friendly? It might sound mundane, but not evertyhing can be flash or glamorous. Every day millions of people will be landing on 404 pages. You have an opportunity to help them in a way that’s useful and asthetically pleasing.(It’s up to you!)


UI 設計 — Figma

切版設計 — Visual Studio Code

會優先出 UI的部分,切版則會等 UI 設計全部挑戰完之後慢慢補上。

Daily UI :: 008–404 Page
Daily UI :: 008–404 Page


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